Caldera de circulación natural

The natural circulation boiler of INTEC is a High Pressure Steam generator of vertical design especially developed for closed circuits. It is installed directly below the steam consumer (the condenser) connected to it and not capable of being shut off.

The INTEC natural circulation boiler supplies high pressure steam for process engineering plants where special safety regulations are enforced especially in productions where leakages shall not contaminate the product. This requirement can only be met with water of treated quality but not when using thermal oil for heat transfer.

Hence the main application of the natural circulation boiler is the entire food industry especially focussed on

- deodorant of edible oil and fat

- distillation, fractioning and esterification of various raw materials

  • Natural Circulation Boiler up to 4.0 kW and 100.0 barg



The electrical heated boilers are designed for special installation and operation conditions. Operation and working mode of the boilers are in compliance with the operation and working mode of all conventional steam or hot water generators. However, due to the fact that there are no flue gas passes in these boilers, the dimensions are significantly smaller even though the water content and capacity is the same.

These boiler types are used where conventional boilers cannot be installed because of limited space, restrictions by regulation, hygienic constraints or economic reasons:

– in the pharmaceutical industry,

– in hospitals,

– in the ship building and off shore industry,

– as emergency units for conventional boiler in any industry.

  • Electrical Steam Boiler up to 3.0 MW and 20.0 barg
  • Electrical Hot Water up to 3.0 MW and 20.0 barg