Steam boiler for generation of process steam as well as power generation (cogeneration) SCHNEIDER-KESSEL BERLIN supplies worldwide boiler plants for different branches of industry and application like:

  • chemical, petrochemical and oleochemical industry
  • food and beverage industry
  • textile- and rubber industry
  • power plants
  • district heating, public facilities

Our main products are water-tube boiler (in cornertube design) and shell boiler as direct fired boiler in three-pass boiler design.

  •  Water tube boiler – Type ERK

                - as high pressure steam boiler up to 100 t/h and 100 barg

                - as hot-water boiler up to 60 MW

  • Natural circulation boiler – Type iNook

                - as high pressure steam boiler up to 10 t/h or 6.0 MW and 100 barg                 

  • Shell boiler in three-pass boiler design

                 - Single flame tube boiler – Type HDO/HWO:

                                - high pressure steam generator up to 32.0 t/h

                                - hot water boler up to 23.4 MW

                     - Double flame tube boiler:

                                - as high pressure steam generator up to 64.0 t/h

                                - as hot water boiler up to 46.8 MW

  • Waste heat recovery boiler

                  - special smoke-tube design – Type AHK

                  - water-tube boiler design – Type ERK-AHK

  • Electro boiler

                   - as steam generator – Type HDO-E

                   - as hot-water boiler – Type HWO-E

  • Electric Flow heater – Type HWO-E Module