INTEC Group has been expanded since January 2015


Mr. Dipl. Ing. Edwin Karrer (President of INTEC Group) and Mr. Aldo Piacentini-Timm (General Manager of GMK Society for engines and turbines mbH) founded the GMK INTEC GmbH in January 2015.

The base of the newly founded company INTEC GMK was the GMK Society of engines and turbines founded in 1994, situated in Rostock, which has been specializing for the last 20 years in the construction of ORC power plants. Due to large payment problems, GMK had to file for bankruptcy and was incorporated as INTEC GMK into the INTEC Group in 2015 as part of an Asset-Deal. The INTEC Group itself has been operating in the energy and power plant construction sector for 20 years.

The company INTEC GMK will now focus on ORC systems, which use geothermal and waste heat from the industrial and power sector for the generation of electricity. The product portfolio will include ORC plants using engine waste heat from biogas plants with capacities of 25 kWe, systems for the use of industrial waste heat up to 2 MWe, and geothermal ORC power plants up to 4 MWe.

Complete turn-key solutions will be offered as part of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power stations, including the heat exchanger and turbine plants, which are marketed internationally under the brand names ECOCAL, INDUCAL and GEOCAL.

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is based on the operation of turbines to generate power. Organic media, which has a lower evaporation temperature than water, is used as working fluid instead of water. By means of these organic media low-temperature waste heat from many industrial plants can be efficiently converted into electrical energy.

One of the goals of numerous international governments and climate protection associations is to replace conventional energy generation processes with renewable energy sources. INTEC GMK GmbH is an innovative company that follows this global environmental trend and offers and successfully implements more efficient energy supply solutions at a national and international scale.


ORC System, Horn Bad Meinberg, Germany, 338 kW/ 400 V