INTEC fluidised bed combustion system in construction, Taiwan, Oct. 2012

Fluidised Bed Combustion System

  • Fluidised bed combustion with ash cooling and controlled ash recirculation
  • Ash cooling heat exchanger positioned outside of combustion area
  • Capacity: 500 kW - 50,000 kW • Fuels: Biomass, coal (anthracite and lignite)
  • Waste heat recovery media: Thermal oil, steam, hot water


How does the INTEC fuidised bed combustion work?

  • A material bed is filled with inert material.
  • Air is introduced from the bottom, air bubbles are forming
  • The material starts to move, it gets whirled around and fluidised.
    The sand/air mixture behaves like a fluid.
  • The fluidised bed is heated by the start-up burner to ignition temperature, then the fuel is introduced onto the fluidised bed.