Worldwide large-scale plants from INTEC

Following orders from Japan for the supply of biomass-fired power plants with a total electrical output of 22 MW and a plant for the combustion of chicken manure to Turkey with an electrical output of 13.5 MW, the Carinthia Bioenergy Center has now commissioned INTEC Engineering GmbH of Bruchsal, Baden-Württemberg, to build a new biomass center for the Klagenfurt South plant. Klagenfurt's municipal utilities have agreed on a continuation of district heating supply from three biomass power plants until 2040.

In order to implement this plan, a new fluidized bed boiler is to be installed at one of the three sites to completely replace the outdated existing boilers there. The plant will generate superheated steam at 480°C and 66 barg and have a firing thermal capacity of 30 MWth.

The INTEC fluidized bed combustion concept used in the plant is considered modern and innovative. It enables efficient and clean combustion of the biomass fuel and combines the advantages of several combustion concepts. The implementation of the project is planned until the end of 2024 and will then contribute to the supply of district heating to almost 30,000 households.

"I am pleased and proud that we are making an important contribution to the independent energy supply of the city of Klagenfurt with our biomass cogeneration plants," sums up owner Dr. Cornelius Grupp on the website.

With more than 80% of households supplied with district heating, Klagenfurt is considered one of the "Green Capitals".

Thanks to the new plant of INTEC Engineering GmbH, which, in addition to biomass power plants, plans, manufactures and delivers worldwide customized plants for industrial process heat supply and regenerative power generation as well as develops innovative products in the field of thermal sewage sludge utilization, the city's sustainable energy supply will be further expanded, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels.