Thermal sewage sludge utilisation

Sewage sludge - the new challenge

In the future, the agricultural disposal of sewage sludge on fields will be prohibited throughout the EU. 

The anticipated halt to using sewage sludge in agriculture and the prohibition of the dumping of sewage sludge under the technical directive covering domestic waste is aimed at completely removing the contaminant that is sewage sludge from the economic cycle. In addition to municipal sewage sludges, this also applies to residues from waste water purification, biogenic sludges, residual sludges and liquid waste from industrial processes. In all, this represents an extremely complex disposal challenge for local authorities, industry and disposal companies.

Economically and environmentally, thermal utilisation - incineration - is the only appropriate way of utilising sewage sludges and other problematic biomasses.

Along with KonTroTec, INTEC possesses the experience and the technologies for the innovative thermal treatment, disposal and economic use of biogenic, contaminated sludges and residues.