The INTEC-KonTroTec concept

The innovative disposal and utilisation concept is based on a combination of the KonTroTec drying plants with INTEC Engineering solid material firing plants and process heat generation plants.

During the process, the complete plant that results from this combination does not release any environmentally harmful substances into the air or soil.

It is not necessary to purchase any energy or fuel in order to dry the sludges and wet residues, or for their incineration. The energy released by the incineration is used to generate process heat for the drying process. In addition, the optional partial generation of electricity enables electricity costs to be further reduced.

KonTroTec is a leading manufacturer of contact drying plants for drying, hygienising and increasing the calorific value of domestic and industrial sewage sludges. The KonTroTec technologies therefore complement the INTEC Engineering solid material firing methods by processing the starting boimasses to produce fuel that can be stored and that is suitable for the firing process.

Municipal Sewage Sludge Drying Plant in Pirmasens, Germany